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Driver Skills Videos

To assist learner drivers and their supervisors, a series of practical skill videos have been created to act as a learner driver's first driving lesson. Ranging from basic, intermediate and advanced skills, the videos demonstrate how to successfully complete each of the driving skills/manoeuvres.

Each of the short videos is accompanied by an in-car check sheet for the supervisor to assess the leaner during the driving excercise. These practical skill videos are designed to ensure that leaner drivers gain suitable experience in a range of conditions and become competent drivers.

Our videos include the following groups:

The Basics


These practical videos demonstrate the importance of driver preparation and getting to know your car prior to driving. The videos show you checks to perform inside and outside of the car such as checking under the bonnet, functionality of lights and signals, operation of wipers, spare tyre and tool location as well as appropriate steps to take when getting ready to drive your car.

> The basics Videos 



Getting Started


It's always important to understand basic driving techniques and the Getting Started videos can show you how to master some of these important skills. The videos include information on how to perform smooth, efficient gear selection and changing, learning how to perform safe and controlled reversing and learning how to develop technique and ability to steer a safe and steady course. Other skills shown in the videos also include smooth speed control and starting or stopping a vehicle in a safe manner.

> Getting Started Videos



Fine Tuning


Improving your driving skills is simple when getting hints and tips from the Fine Tuning videos. The videos include information on how to perform forward scanning and regular observation to the front, sides and rear of the vehicle, learning about safe and controlled driving appropriate to night/dark driving conditions and learning how to safely position a vehicle with consideration of fellow road users and traffic conditions.

> Fine Tuning Videos



Traffic Time


Driving with other motorists can sometimes feel intimidating but with the information contained in the Traffic Time videos, you'll learn how to become a confident driver in no time. These videos contain information on safely entering traffic, performing a controlled, smooth moving off up a hill, without rolling backwards, safely negotiating intersections and roundabouts, merging and changing lanes, traffic signs and learning how to perform a safe and efficient u-turn.

> Traffic Time Videos