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RACQ recognises the importance of giving supervisors the support they need to provide young drivers with advice and practical skills.  As a supervisor, you are about to play an important role in their life. As a supervisor you should be a safe, experienced and competent driver and be up to date with current Queensland road rules. 

You must have held an open licence for at least one year for the class of vehicle you are teaching your learner to drive i.e. manual or automatic. This online logbook can be used as a record that the learner has completed the mandatory 100 hours driving experience including at least 10 hours night driving experience. As a supervisor, you are responsible for approving each drive entry a learner completes with you.

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Learn2go makes it fun and easy:

  • Get access to a Qld Department of Transport and Main Roads approved online learner logbook
  • Approve the drives your learner completes, online
  • Access videos and advice on supervising drives
  • Find RACQ approved Driving instructors in your area
  • Test out your road rule knowledge with the Online Practice test Questions!